Best of the NW Animation Fest – 2015

This Friday, NW Animation Fest presents fourteen of this year’s best animated shorts from around the world! Here’s some of what you’ll see…

Cosmonaut buddies compete for a chance to rocket into space, overcoming impossible odds to reach their childhood dream. A 5000-year-old mammoth is defrosted into an unrecognizable future controlled by humanoid elephants. A magical pink pony plays with happy monkeys, nibbles macaroons, chills with the duke of Merryville, and sets fire to a few buildings. A mysterious vinyl record grants a young woman the dangerous power to travel between distant moments in her own life. An orphan keeps his hometown safe from the dark cloud of pollution beyond his dam, despite school bullies and a thankless public… But when a new student joins his class, hope and despair build to a dramatic crisis that could change everything.

This spring, NW Animation Fest hosted the largest showcase of short animations in the USA: over 270 films. Audience members helped create “Best of the Fest” by voting for their personal favorites. Special award winners will be announced on Sept 11. One night only!

CLICK HERE to buy tickets

Date: Friday Sept 11 @ 7pm
Length: 100min
Venue: Hollywood Theatre
Address: 4122 NW Sandy Blvd, Portland OR 97212
Tickets: $10 general admission, $8 senior/student/child

(Brief fantasy violence. Recommended for ages 12 & up.)

ASIFA Portland’s 25th Anniversary Ice Cream Social!!!


It’s about the peak of summer, which means it’s time for our most popular and caloric get-together, this year celebrating ASIFA Portland’s 25th anniversary! On Sunday, August 9, come join us for an afternoon of ice cream, croquet, pinata, table-top stop-mo, prizes, doodling, animation talk, and plain old community. It all takes place at Marilyn Zornado and Alan Garren’s amazing Church of the Acoustic Redemption, up in beautiful St. John’s! Check out the Facebook event, and feel free to bring toppings, friends, spouses, kids, and well-socialized dogs! If you’re carless, you can check out the No. 16 bus, or ride-share options via Facebook.

Boundary Crossings: Public Events

Boundary Crossings 2015

Take part in the evolution of the art form with these public offerings from Boundary Crossings, PNCA’s biennial institute for animated installation. As stated on the program’s websiteBoundary Crossings explores animated spaces, expanded screens, and cinema. It embraces the hybrid moving image by combining digital technology, fine art practices, and critical theory.

Although the July events have passed, there are still artist talks, screenings, and the culminating installation showcase. Check out the calendar here, or by clicking the banner above.

Identity and Space: No Road Map

Liberate animation from television screens and movie theaters! As part of PNCA’s unique Boundary Crossings institute, Rose Bond & Pedro Serranzina present a genre-defying exploration of animated installation art on Friday July 31 at the Hollywood Theatre.


Friday July 31
7:00pm @ The Hollywood Theatre
4122 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97212

“Space is a social product.” –Henri Lefebvre

If indeed space is a social product, then we, as social beings, create space by bringing meaning to and mining meaning in place. Space is a product of overlapping moments and histories, while these moments and histories are shaped by architecture and landscape which influence the ways we move through or linger in public spaces.

Space can be a concrete representation of power and cultural divide or, as the Boundary Crossings institute proposes, a starting point, inspiring reflection on issues of individual notions of place and community.

Space and time are at the heart of animation. With the proliferation of digital technologies, animation expands beyond the 2-D screen and increasingly impacts public spaces and events in malls, bars, galleries, and venues for live performance. Through a two-week intensive workshop, Boundary Crossings provides a platform for artists to develop animated works that embrace diverse traditions as well as new forms and current issues.

Join us for an unique evening, discovering animated installation as a medium and a site for investigation of moving image interdisciplinary practice.

$5 General Admission
Buy advance tickets here

rose-bondAbout Rose Bond, Institute Director
Rose Bond, animator and media artist, has been internationally recognized for her monumental, content-driven animated installations. Rear projected in multiple windows, her themes are often drawn from the site – existing at the juncture of memory, architecture and public/private space. Since 2002 her installations have illuminated urban spaces in Zagreb (2013), Toronto (2011), Exeter UK (2010), New York City (2004), Utrecht Netherlands (2008) and Portland (2002 & 2007 & 2014). Bond’s direct animation films have been presented at major international festivals including: Annecy, Ottawa, Hiroshima, Sundance, New York and are held in the MoMA Film Collection. Canadian born, Bond is based in Portland Oregon and teaches at Pacific Northwest College of Art.

pedro-serranzinaAbout Pedro Serrazina
Pedro Serrazina is a visiting lecturer in Animation at Univ. Lusófona de Lisboa and Univ. Católica do Porto. He is currently undertaking his practice-base PhD studies, on The Creation and Use of Animated Space in Animation, developed at the Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon. After the success of his 1st film, the award winning Tale of the Cat and the Moon (1995) Pedro moved to London, to complete his MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art. Since then Pedro combines his work as director (his last film being the award winning Eyes of the Lighthouse, 2010) with an academic career in Portugal and the UK. Between 2007-09 he was course leader for the BA Animation Arts course at the Univ. for the Creative Arts, Maidstone, where he curated AniMaidstone’2009, an international one-day conference dedicated to issues of local identity in animated film and the visual arts. At the moment, he is also preparing his next film, which has been funded for pre-production by the Institute of Portuguese Filmmaking.

Northwest Animation Festival (5th Year!)

nw-animation-fest-20150501-1280x919MondaySunday, May 4-10  |  Hollywood Theatre  |  4122 NE Sandy Blvd
It’s the return of the Northwest’s biggest animation event! NW Animation Fest presents a full week of events at the Hollywood Theatre: feature films, international short film marathons, an Oregon Animation Industry Showcase, and special topic screenings. Features include Oscar-nominated Song of the Sea, which follows the magical journey of an Irish seal-girl and her brother—and Until Sbornia Do Us Part, a vivacious, tango-driven, comic-fantasy about a romantic musician and a volcanic island that’s floating away from the mainland. The industry showcase offers a glimpse into Oregon’s powerhouse commercial studios, with TV clips, commercials, special effects, and music videos (think Portlandia Grimm). Dig deeper into the world of indie animators with eight special topics: family friendly, strange/sexy, computer animation, abstract/psychedelic, films by women, Canadian Oscar winners, NW animators, and Oregon animation history. NW Animation Fest climaxes with a weekend-long marathon through the world’s best new short films, selected from 1400 international submissions. The festival includes after-parties, lobby installations, meeting the filmmakers, more. If you’re an animation-lover, this is the can’t-miss event for 2015.
Hollywood Theatre May 4-10, tickets $8-15, festival passes $70. 


Friday, May 8 | 11:15pm
After the Hollywood’s projector shuts down on Friday night, decompress with ASIFA Portland at one of our fabled Drink & Draw events! Sharpies. Index cards. Adult beverages. We’ll make a collaborative, chaotic, hand-drawn short on the fly, all while no doubt jabbering about the amazing films we’ve seen thus far. Join us for a drink and some drawing!
VENUE: Mazza’s | 3728 NE Sandy Blvd | FREE EVENT!

Follow-Up from the Animation Freelancers Panel

For those who missed the Animation Freelancers Panel on April 25, we’d like to offer a brief recap! It’s no substitute for the informative discussion that actually took place, but if you couldn’t make it, this will have to do.

The short of it is that it was a useful and entertaining couple of hours. The discussion included panelists A.J. DeFlaminis, Teresa Drilling, Ben Luce, Sam Neimann, and Temris Ridge, plus moderators Rob Bekuhrs and Madison Russell. Among the focus points brought up as being vital to success in freelancing:

  • Be accessible
  • Be consistently prompt
  • Set expectations
  • Use diplomacy / customer service
  • Focus on positive points
  • Track your hours
  • Consider engaging a lawyer for a contract review (income over $2500.00 was suggested to make it worth the expense)

Things to practice to keep yourself in the game:

  • Teach (you’ll stay in touch with technique and newest software)
  • Create personal projects for continuing self-ed – make the work you want to get paid for
  • Structure your lifestyle (life and work, they can co-exist without colliding)
  • Love what you do!
  • Freelancing is about flexibility, not necessarily freedom
  • Form an LLC (Limited Liability Corp, serves to protect you legally, about $100/year)

One suggested read – “Burn Your Portfolio” by Michael Janda, a pretty hefty collection of anecdotes and suggestions about agencies, clients, bidding and other relevant topics,

Aaand the difference between an agent and a manager was discussed. The panel had varying experiences with both. Neither is required for a successful freelance career, certainly not as essential as it would be for an actor, but they’re certainly worth considering. Here’s a brief article that gives a decent description of the two.

Finally, some links mentioned by the panel as being helpful in terms of making connections, finding resources, and/or sharpening skills:

ASIFAPortland (your local chapter of the international organization promoting the art of animation)
Cascade ACM Siggraph (your local chapter of the international organization serving the computer graphics community )
Shake (contract downloads and legal tips)
LinkedIn (online professional networking – recommended)
Facebook (ubiquitous black-hole-of-freetime social networking site, but with a practical side)
Wooshii (UK site for folks needing animation/video production to post jobs)
Craigslist (online want-ad site – some successes were found here, along with some dubious claims)
AEPDX (After Effects users group – events, networking, jobs)
3DPDX (3D networking, knowledge sharing, referrals and resource sharing)
VFX/PDX (promoting and informing CG/VFX community)
Pigsquad (Portland Indie Game squad – events, networking)
Vitamin T (hiring agency, global with PDX reps)
People Per Hour (online freelance job sourcing)
ARCS (Animation Resource Community Service – skill roster on facebook)

Animation Freelancer Panel & Portfolio Review

ASIFA - Freelancer Panel

Looking to make a living as a freelance animator? On Saturday, April 25th, join us at the Art Institute of Portland for a panel discussion about freelancing in the animation industry, followed by portfolio reviews from local animation professionals. The panel will tackle questions about finding work, keeping your artistic balance, handling contracts, and otherwise making it as a professional freelancer. Confirmed speakers include such industry stalwarts as:

  • Teresa Drilling
  • Ben Luce
  • Sam Neimann
  • Chris Purdin
  • Temris Ridge

So bring your questions, and bring your demo reel/portfolio too! If you’d like to have your work reviewed after the panel discussion, just sign up at the door. It’s a great event for those working to gain or maintain a foothold in the animation industry.

Saturday, April 25, 2:00-4:00 pm
Art Institute of Portland
1122 NW Davis Street
Second Floor Open Space
Sponsored by ASIFA Portland and Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH
FREE and open to the public!

Animation to Games: How we did it and how you can, too!

Are you an animator with an interest in learning how to make indie video games?

Join ASIFA Portland, Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH, and the Portland Indie Game Squad in an evening of learning how community members have transitioned their passions and careers in animation to working on videogames! Hear experiences, see tools, and ask questions of local professionals, hobbyists, and students to give you a variety of ways in which you can approach collaborations and careers in interactive mediums.

After presentations, we’ll be using the theater’s screen to play games that revisit some of the different techniques and styles that we’ve recently witnessed from presenters. This event will also be jointly advertised between the ASIFA, SIGGRAPH, and PIGSquad communities, so attendees are encouraged to interact with presenters and network at this time. Let’s talk about making some games together!

7:00pm @ 5th Ave Cinema
510 SW Hall St.
Portland, OR 97201

$5 General Admission
FREE for LAIKA employees & PNCA animation majors (show badge or school ID)
Advance tickets available here, or pay cash at the door.

PSU Parking Structure 1 is recommended
1872 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97201
enter on either Broadway or Sixth Avenue
FREE after 5pm on Saturdays