ANIMAZIONI! – Animated Shorts from Italy

Saturday January 31
7:00pm @ 5th Ave Cinema
510 SW Hall St.
Portland, OR 97201

ANIMAZIONI! reveals Italy’s contemporary animation scene through 17 short films. The devil, a beautiful woman, the staring eyes of a disembodied head… There is often a dream-like quality in these films, fleeting glimpses of mysterious spaces inhabited by nameless beings suspended in time. A painterly tradition shines through — but also a powerful impulse to break the chains of convention. Perhaps you’ve seen one of BLU’s colossal graffiti animations, where mutating giants scramble across the sides of actual buildings? (If not, you must!) You’ll see this along with a host of artists that won’t be experienced anywhere else. Giovanni Munari, an Italian animator traveling abroad, brought these films along with him in his suitcase, hoping to find an audience in the USA. Acting as Portland’s animation embassy, ASIFA is proud to help share this rare, international gift.

Presented by ASIFA Portland and Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH.

Tickets: $5 General Admission
FREE for LAIKA employees & PNCA animation majors (show badge or school ID)

Moments of explicit sexuality, not recommended for children.


Portland in Motion



Saturday, December 13th 2-4pm
Empirical Theater at OMSI
All ages
Cost: $5, free for ASIFA members!
ASIFA members and family and friends attending with them (who must still pay the $5 entry) get free access to the museum after the show from 4-5:30, or may receive a voucher for future museum entry! LAIKA employees flash your badge, PNCA animation majors show school ID to prove ASIFA membership. Renew your membership online if yours has expired.

Join OMSI in celebrating local independent artists and their recent works. Short, whimsical films and game projects will be shown, and the artists responsible will discuss their inspiration, process and joys in bringing these gems to life. Working cartoony and abstract, stop-motion, hand-drawn and digital, these independents give a great representation of what it’s like to work in a true animation town like Portland.

Moderator – Rob Bekuhrs, animation director at SuperGenius Studio
Temris Ridge – professional animator
Mike A. Smith – independent animator
Joanna Priestley – director, Priestley Motion Pictures
Naomi Fish – professional computer/stop-motion animator
Alex Yao – animation director and game developer

Event details and tickets purchased here

Song of the Sea, with Director Tomm Moore

FREE members-only event for ASIFA Portland!

Tuesday November 25
7:00pm @ Cinema 21
616 NW 21st Ave, Portland 97209
FREE for ASIFA members

Saoirse is a child who is the last of the selkies, women in Irish and Scottish legends who transform from seals into people. She escapes from her grandmother’s home to journey to the sea and free fairy creatures trapped in the modern world.

Song of the Sea is the much anticipated new film from Tomm Moore, Academy Award nominated director of The Secret of Kells. See the film before it hits theaters, and meet Tomm in person on Tuesday November 25 at Cinema 21.


1. You may join or renew your membership at the door ($20).

2. LAIKA employees flash your badge, PNCA animation majors show school ID.

3. Free for children age 12 and under if accompanied by an ASIFA member parent.

4. Seating is limited to 76 persons, first come first serve.

Animation Meet & Greet – Fall 2014

Join us at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub (in Southeast) to grab a pint, share some stories, catch up on things and maybe meet some new faces. Portland’s ASIFA and SIGGRAPH chapters are teaming up to host this event — and everyone is welcome!

Exchange business cards or just gossip about upcoming animated films… Let’s hang out and all talk about animation.

Saturday November 15
Lucky Labrador Brew Pub
915 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

Co-hosted by ASIFA Portland and Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH

OMSI Animation Film Festival

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.50.22 PMNovember 6-9

This coming weekend at OMSI, check out the OMSI Animation Film Festival! In conjunction with its Explore the Science of Animation exhibit, OMSI presents a program of animated shorts and features for both families and adult viewing.


Whole-festival or individual tickets available, $2.00 discounts for ASIFA Members!


See  for details and schedule.



Monsters in the Thrift Store – Painting Day

This Saturday, make Halloween art at ASIFA’s second annual “Monsters in the Thriftstore” painting day.


Monsters in the Thrift Store
presented by ASIFA Portland, Pacific Northwest College of Art and MAGDolls Hair Parlor

Saturday October 25
2:00 – 5:00pm
Pacific Northwest College of Art, Room 205
1251 NW Johnson St., Portland, OR 97209

Select and purchase one or more pieces of art from your favorite thrift store. Bring them and your own art supplies along to PNCA, and we’ll spend the afternoon adding in monsters, beasts, robots, fairies or whatever fantastical creatures you desire. This is an open painting session, which is free and open to the public. Seating is first-come, first-served.

Saturday November 22
MAGDolls Hair Parlor
1210 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Everyone is welcome to come enjoy the newly modified paintings! You may choose whether you’d like to sell or keep your work. Art may be left on display at the gallery location. Free drinks and snacks.

Portland Film Fest: Animated Shorts redux

Portland Film Festival is re-screening their 2014 Shorts Blocks. See Shorts Block 8: Experimental/Animation on Thursday, October 23, 8:30pm at the Clinton Street Theater. For more details, click here.


04 min — “Portlandia Rats Book” by Rob Shaw: In the third season of IFC’s Portlandia, the team of Carrie Brownstein, Fred Armisen and Jonathan Krisel dreamed up a skit featuring the lovable Portlandia Rats. In “Rat’s Book” the rodents become revenge-seeking DIY publishers after discovering a hateful publication on human/rat relations. The skit was directed by Rob Shaw and produced in Portland, Oregon at Bent Image Lab. (Animation)

04 min — “Husk” by Paul Howell: While collecting paper scraps for her den, Husk, a life-size tree spirit, has a shock encounter with some feral fairies in the street-art urban environment of Melbourne, Australia. Nothing is as it seems as this hypnotic story unfolds. (Animation)

04 min — “Ain’t No Fish” by Tom Gasek and Miki Cash: An animated film set to the music and lyrics of Sigman and Russell and performed by Hoagy Carmichael. Animated seals sing the show tune and it’s slowly revealed why there Ain’t No Fish. Despite the upbeat attitude of the seals the garbage and oil industry that pervades the sea provides the answer. (Animation)

03 min — “Super Secret” by Jim Johnson: The story of a super villain father and his daughter. On her 13th birthday, he discovers her deep, dark, secret. (Animation)

04 min — “PROXIMITY” by Joshua Cox: “Proximity” is a suspenseful romantic crime drama with an unusual setting…an elderly woman’s living room. Her collection of ceramic statues have a life of their own. Two figures explore the depths of love and betrayal. Proximity illustrates how spatial relativity shapes our interactions with the world and people around us. Closeness can create the illusion of an unspoken bond, but when challenged by desire it can be turned on its head and shatter reality. (Animation)

08 min — “Blue” by Katelyn Bianchini, Rena Cheng, Asia Lancaster: A fearful balloon must learn to put his fragile life in the hands of an unlikely friend. (Animation)

03 min — “The Uncluded, ‘Organs’” by Rob Shaw: The painful process of grief and the grace of organ donation punctuate the latest music video ‘Organs’ by rock duo The Uncluded. Produced at Bent Image Lab and directed by Rob Shaw, the video weaves together a dark tale of loss and love as performed by whimsical stop motion insects. (Music video, Animation)

02 min — “Sushi Mischief” by Jim Johnson: A stranger shows up at a sushi shop, irking the local punk. Show down! (Animation)

18 min — “The Dam Keeper” by Roberto Kondo & Dice Tsutsumi: In a desolate future, one small town has survived because of a large windmill dam that acts as a fan to keep out poisonous clouds. The dam’s operator, Pig, works tirelessly to keep the sails spinning and protect the town, despite bullying from classmates and an indifferent public. When a new student, Fox, joins Pig’s class, everything begins to change. (Animation)

13 min — “Le Nocturne De Lumiere” by David Boarini: Technology has the power to bring those that are far away very near to us. Sometimes though, it can distance us from those we are closest to, the very ones who love us the most. In a world where billions of immaterial communications happen across the globe every second, a mother desperately tries to connect with her daughter. (Animation)

05 min — “Level 1457 Last” by Xabier Urrutia Perez: A worker of Persephone solar energy maintenance is fixing the solar cylinders when he discovers a hole that may lead to the frozen surface. No human has been up there for centuries, and leaving the safety of his subterranean world could cost him his life. Will he make this ultimate sacrifice to see the sky just once in his life? (Animation, Spain)

15 min — “Lessons Learned” by Toby Froud is a short film about a young boy receiving an intriguing birthday gift from his grandfather. This gift will stay with him for the rest of his life as he stumbles from his grandfather’s cottage to a layered world of trials and danger. “Lessons Learned” was executive produced by Heather Henson for her Handmade Puppet Dreams (HMPD) film series.

06 min — “How to Avoid Annoying People” by Ariel Nasser: Hand-drawn animation uses sarcasm and irony to criticize social behaviors such as self-centered small talk. Within a narrative structure punctuated by an infomercial announcer, this comical film reveals the harassment endured by a plane traveler as he endures verbal barrage from a fellow passenger. (Animated)

03 min — “Lime” by Sean Carrow: Two very unlucky fishermen, Willie and Burt, are on their ship adrift at sea starving from hunger and thirst until a lone lime is discovered on board the ship offering them a glimpse of hope. The two friends turn on each other, letting their greed for the lime tack control destroying all they have. (Animated)

SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Fest

This Thursday, see highlights from the 2014 SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival.

2014 Computer Animation Festival
hosted by Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH – discount for ASIFA members

Thursday October 23
6:30pm (registration begins at 6:00)
Portland Community College, Cascade Campus
705 N. Killingsworth St., Portland, OR 97217
Moriarty Arts Building Auditorium, Room 104
SIGGRAPH members free / General Admission $9 / students & ASIFA members $4

SIGGRAPH’s Computer Animation Festival is the leading annual showcase for the world’s most innovative, accomplished, and amazing digital film and video creators. An internationally recognized jury selects outstanding achievements in time-based art, scientific visualization, visual effects, real-time graphics, and narrative shorts. Portland’s local chapter of the international organization will host a screening of highlights.

For tickets, campus map and more info, click here