About ASIFA Portland

ASIFA Portland is the Portland, Oregon chapter of the International Animated Film Society: Association International du Film d'Animation. Our group exists to boost the art of animation and the community that practices it, promoting a free exchange of ideas both locally and internationally.

In the Portland area, this means celebrating a decades-old animation scene known for groundbreaking independents, big-budget feature filmmaking, and a world-class animation festival. Award-winning independent animators Joan C. Gratz, Rose Bond, Joanna Priestley, Will Vinton, Chel White, David Daniels, Laura DiTrapani, Marilyn Zornado, and more call Portland home. The Portland area also boasts studios ranging from boutique to behemoth, including Bent Image Lab, Hinge Digital and LAIKA. Local institutions such as the Pacific Northwest College of Art, the Northwest Film Center and others help to introduce new talent to the world. Simply put, this is a great place to be an animator.

Our chapter was founded in 1990 by Joanna Priestley and Marilyn Zornado. Under its original name, ASIFA Northwest, the group encompassed both Portland and Seattle; later, it split in two to better serve each city. In 2007, ASIFA Portland incorporated as a non-profit under Oregon law. Now over 25 years old, the organization continues into a new era of of digital filmmaking and internet-based society, maintained by an ever-evolving volunteer board of directors.

Yearly membership fees go toward putting on screenings, workshops, lectures, socials, art jams, and more. Members get to attend ASIFA-only functions, get in free at a lot of local animation events, and make up a community that's been boosting the art form for decades. If you're not a member yet, please take a look around the site and consider joining us. Welcome!


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President, Memberships

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Vice President, Social Media

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Board Member at large

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