Pennisula Park, Rose Garden 700 N Rosa Parks Way

Plein Air in the Park with Za Vue

Come paint with us in a plein air workshop led by Za Vue! Bring your paints, and we’ll bring lunch!

Sunday, July 21st at 1PM

Pennisula Park, Rose Garden
700 N Rosa Parks Way

Recommended Plein Air Supply List – (bring whatever you have and we’ll try and work around you)

-Any adjustable Easel is okay
-If you don’t an easel, you can paint on a flat surface (even a board is just fine)

Paint (Zorn Palette), (oil, gouache, acrylic – the naming of these colors might varied because of the different mediums)
-Ultramarine Blue
-Cadmium Red

-I recommend bristle brushes if you plan on working in oils (size: 5 or larger, flat or filbert is great)
-If you’re planning on working in acrylics or gouache, try getting synthetic brushes (size: 5 or larger, anything goes in terms of style)

-Canvas boards/panels – a good size to recommend is 11″ X 14″ or smaller.
-Watercolor paper – if you’re planning on working in acrylic or gouache (size – up to you)

-Palette (surface for mixing – almost anything will do including paper plates)
-Palette knife (optional – for mixing and cleaning)
-Odorless Mineral Spirit (if you’re using oil paint)
-Small container with lid (for mineral spirit)
-Water and a small container (if you’re using acrylic or gouache)
-Paper towels
-Trash bags
-Water (for drinking)