Pre-Hays Code Cartoons

Join ASIFA for a night of cartoons from the Great Depression era, before their content was regulated by the Motion Picture Production code. The shorts being screened are generally bizarre, only faintly offensive by modern standards. The Hays Code often gets declared as a stuffy line of censorship of sex and drugs, but it also called out the offensiveness of human abuse of race, creed, and gender.
We’ll delve into 8 classic cartoons from famous figures such as the Fleischer brothers and Ub Iwerks, while looking at animation trends and the culture of 1930s United States.
When: Saturday, February 10th 7:00pm
Where: Books with Pictures
This is a FREE event, open to the public.
*Note: These cartoons have depictions of violence, death, sexual harassment and racist stereotypes. These cartoons may not be appropriate for all ages.*