Welcome to ASIFA Portland!

ASIFA Portland is the Portland, Oregon chapter of the International Animated Film Society: Association International du Film d’Animation. Our mission is to celebrate the art of animation, and to foster a local community for professionals, students, and enthusiasts.


Our membership fees go toward putting on screenings, workshops, lectures, socials, art jams, and more. Members get to attend ASIFA-only functions, get in free at many local animation events, and make up a community that’s been boosting the art form for decades. If you’re not a member yet, please take a look around the site and consider joining us.

Stay in the Know

2020 has been an adjustment for us all. Being mindful of Covid-19 health and safety concerns we have moved to digital events. Like us on Facebook, Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, or check out our Calendar to learn more.

Coming Up Soon

Monsters in the Museum Promo

Monster Mash: Blind Dates – Live Stream

Come join us for our first ever live stream of Monster Mash, an improvisational doodling session where we take randomized prompts and make them fit a theme. The theme this time is is “Blind Date”!

We go LIVE at 1pm on February 20th! Watch it for free on our YouTube channel HERE!