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Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me to You

Kimi Ni Todoke: From Me to You

Watch it here: Hulu
Content warning: PG
Recommended by: Cydoni Lane

I recently binged this entire series and fell in love with it. Kimi ni Todoke is now my favorite shojo anime! Sawako is an outcast, but not by choice. Though she always tries to smile and say “good morning” to her classmates, she looks too creepy and always run from her scared. Rumored to put curses on those who look her in the eyes and earning the nickname “Sadako” for resembling the character in “The Grudge”, Sawako just wants to be accepted by everyone else. When she meets her classmate, a social and warmhearted boy named Kazehaya, Sawako finds her isolated and lonely life changing right before her eyes.

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Temris Ridge

Temris Ridge

Temris Ridge has been a fixture in the Portland animation community since 2008. Her reel includes local and international favorites, like Ruby Rocket and credit animation for LAIKA’s Boxtrolls. Also a short form director, Temris’ film Zombie Fairy has over 2.6 million views on YouTube and has screened in multiple festivals, including the Northwest Animation Festival 2014 and POWfest 2015.

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Perfect for the new year if your new year’s resolutions include working out! Blogicomics on Instagram are workout related comics drawn by Daniel Kordek. They are centered around fitness influencer Cassey Ho who defines herself as “the girl who loves working out as much as she loves eating”.

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