Watch it here: Netflix
Content warning: PG
Recommended by: Kelly Jensvold

When it comes to deciding what movie to watch this holiday season, I recommend Sergio Pablos’s new academy-nominated animated feature, Klaus. It’s about a reluctant postman who, with the help of a toymaker named Klaus, brings love and joy to a small, isolated and hostile island called Smeerensburg. The animation is of very high caliber. It has the charm of traditional animation, although it was made using Toon Boom Software and was rendered beautifully to look like 3D animation. The characters are strong and appealing. The backgrounds are stunning, and the colors are vibrant. It is one of those films that is authentically heartwarming, and can stir up both laughter and sadness. Another notable part of the movie is its representation of Sámi people, the indigenous people of Scandinavia. I can tell that the filmmakers took care to not appropriate the Sámi culture. In Klaus, the Sámi speak their own language, wear their traditional clothes, give Santa his red outfit and end up becoming Santa’s helpers. So the next time you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix, watch Klaus. It is sure to be a new Christmas classic.