The NW Film Center presents a program of short films from John and Faith Hubley on Sunday, May 4th at the Whitsell Auditorium. On the following Sunday, May 11, the NWFC screens Faith Hubley’s THE COSMIC EYE.

It’s a collection of groundbreaking, enduring, handmade work incorporating the talents of the Hubleys along with artists such as Bobe Cannon Tissa David. Well worth your time. Tickets are available here.

US, 1956-1970
The husband-and-wife team of John and Faith Hubley brought a humanistic perspective and a distinctly modern style to postwar American animation. The films they made together, and independently, influenced a generation of independent animators worldwide and earned many honors, including three Academy Awards. Selected in collaboration with the Hubley family (daughter Emily is also a distinguished animator) to honor John Hubley’s (1914-1977) centennial, the sparkling new 35mm prints of these innovative, visually striking classics (a handful among dozens of brilliant films)—THE ADVENTURES OF AN * (1957), THE TENDER GAME (1958), MOONBIRD (1959), THE HAT (1964), URBANISSIMO (1967), WINDY DAY (1968), OF MEN AND DEMONS (1969), and EGGS (1971)—address a wide range of topics, from urbanization and overpopulation to two boys’ search for a pet bird, and feature the voices of Dizzy Gillespie, Dudley Moore, and the Hubleys’ children, as well as music from Benny Carter, Ella Fitzgerald, and Quincy Jones. (80 mins.)

Faith Hubley’s classic animated feature THE COSMIC EYE screens May 11.